5 Days to Quit or Stick is a self-paced coaching experience designed to help you get clear and take action toward a better future.

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In our 5-day experience, you'll get clear about what you need most, clarify your options to break free, practice addressing conflict, and learn the art of quitting
(and know for sure that it’s time).
5 Days to Quit or Stick
today! week just got better!!

Whether you decide to quit or stick, there will be tough conversations ahead. This guide will help you get prepared, increase your confidence and increase the quality of the outcomes. You can do it! The guide can help. 
We've been at this leadership improvement gig for a long time. We've learned that, while sometimes bad bosses eventually go away, the truth is it takes too long and costs too much in the meantime. Any amount of time with a bad boss can cause you to feel helpless, hopeless and trapped. Later is not soon enough to have a better day and a better life. That's why we're offering truly effective hacks to deal with your bad boss and immediately improve your situation.
How tired
are you?

Working for a bad boss can feel like being stuck on a merry-go-round with no chance of exiting.
You keep thinking:
“I need a break.”
“I can’t keep doing this.”
“Working for this person is killing me."
“How do they get away with treating people like this?”
“Does no one see how awful this person is?”
That's exactly why we created 5 Days to Quit or Stick.
We want to free you from this cycle and help you get clear
once and for all about whether it’s time to quit or stick...
to help you get unstuck in just 5 days.
Next week just got better!

We've helped big businesses for years and along the way we've seen a lot of bad bosses and the discouraged, stressed and emotionally damaged employees they leave in their wake. We know this well. Now we want to take what we've learned to help people like you who are struggling with a bad boss or work situation.

You'll be so excited with
5 days to Quit or Stick and a better next week that you'll want to share the magic with others.

Your step-by-step 5 day plan is filled with effective hacks you can use immediately to change what it feels like to go to work tomorrow.
In addition to the daily plan, we'll help you get unstuck with great follow-up advice from our professional coaches.

You'll get the following:
  • 5 daily videos with empowering hacks
  • The 5 Days to Quit or Stick personal workbook
  • Follow-up messages from our coaches with more great advice for the making the decision to quit or stick!

Jackie Pelland and Courtney Smock are certified coaches who understand the need for better leadership across organizations. They know that a lack of leadership is often the root of job confusion, dysfunctional teams and painful emotional devastation in the workplace. They also believe that leaders can be developed and people can be helped. So, they launched Slingshot25 and created
5 days to Quit or Stick to help you make next week better!

People spend most of their time at work and spending that time with a bad boss is just too costly emotionally. 
We'd like to say bad bosses won't be there tomorrow, but this is just not the case. Rather than sitting back and hoping others change, we want to help you change. You CAN do something about it TODAY.  . .
For a better TOMORROW.


Imagine if you had a day by day approach to deal with this
issue head on.

Imagine that next week just got a whole lot better!

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Stop suffering at work.
Learn how to get unstuck from the things that are keeping you in the grips of a bad boss

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Imagine where you could be next week if you were able to curb the stress of dealing with a bad boss or finding another job.

You could be achieving so much more!

Now is the time to take action!

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